When I was younger, I always though that when I reach middle age, I would start wearing more “grown-up” shoes like heels, sandals, etc. But now that I’m actually here, I find myself more attracted to the comfortable, durable, and simple sneakers, boots, and other sturdier footwear (no crocs, never crocs). And since I live in the city and I walk to and from work, I really need something that will not make my feet cry but also would look fashionable in a minimalist kind of way.
The brief was to create a pair of shoes that can be used by the “urban nomad” which is basically people like me. The designer was able to come up with a concept for a Vans-like pair of shoes called Sim-Plis-Tech, taking inspiration from a mixture of space, alien life, corals, and skate parks. We get something that looks like what an astronaut would wear while walking around Mars and also something us city folk can wear around while traipsing in the urban jungle.
The design has a mesh inner bootie that will let your foot breathe plus a water resistant upper part. You also get velcro covers on the side, double zipper in the front, and boa lacing at the back. The outsole is inspired by the classic Vans waffle pattern but with a more modern look with a hex pattern in the areas that get the most wear and tear. You get a textured toe bumper that will help you get more traction and you also have a stash pocket on the side.
The renders show three different colors to choose from based on the original inspiration board. You get cool gray, deep blues, and red earth-tones, adding to the minimalist look that the shoes are going for. This is a pair of shoes that I would definitely go for in case it ever goes to market. Despite all the “features” mentioned, it still comes off as simple and stark but also still fashionable enough that you’d want to add it to your OOTD. Hopefully the design also translates well to an actual pair of Sim-Plis-Tech shoes.
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